West Destroying The Orthodox Church As An Obstacle To Its Expansion

West Destroying The Orthodox Church As An Obstacle To Its Expansion by ORIENTAL REVIEW

If you have been following, even loosely, the situation in Ukraine then you have an idea about the west (U.S./NATO/EU) making every attempt possible to take over this nation for the mineral rights and, more importantly, to keep Russia from sending oil, gas and natural gas pipelines into Europe. Ukraine is the gateway. What they have attempted thus far has been an utter failure. Now they are attempting a soft coup through the church. They will stop at nothing to control the flow of oil.


The events surrounding the Orthodox Church in Ukraine that escalated at the end of last year and the beginning of this one have clearly shown the true intentions not just of those involved in the split, but of their supporters as well. President Poroshenko has demonstrated that the decision to create an autocephalous church is necessary for his election campaign. The actions of Patriarch Bartholomew I have shown that he is using the situation to advance his own interests, first and foremost to seize new canonical territories. And, by siding with the schismatics, Washington has shown that it is pursuing its long-held goal of destroying the Orthodox Church throughout the world.

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The church issue has been essential for improving Poroshenko’s ratings on the eve of the presidential election. The Ukrainian president’s extremely low popularity among the people was proving a serious threat to his plans to be re-elected for a second term. The loss of his authority and immunity would not only put him at risk but his whole business empire, which has seen incredible growth during his time in office. So, for him, winning the presidential election is a matter of life and death. Every effort is being made to achieve this, including the spectacular move of promoting his image as the founder of the national church.

Poroshenko is having to risk everything, however. There is no guarantee that efforts to create a unified local autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine will increase his popularity among the Ukrainian people and ensure election victory, and they could even risk the independence of the church itself. Hence he was initially prepared to use formal aspects of the procedure for obtaining a tomos – a decree on autocephaly. In an effort to hide the blatant violations and unattainability of his stated goals from the voters, however, the Ukrainian president hurriedly made a big show of announcing the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) before the process had been completed. Particular importance was given to his appearances in public holding a scroll (the tomos).

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