Trump Calls Social Media Censorship of Conservatives ‘Collusion’

Trump Calls Social Media Censorship of Conservatives ‘Collusion’ By Melanie Arter for CNS News

During a joint White House press conference with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, President Donald Trump said something has to be done about social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook censoring conservatives.

Daily Caller White House Correspondent Saagar Enjeti asked Trump, “You tweeted in support of Congressmen Nunes’s suit against Twitter. That’s part of a larger discussion that Senator Josh Hawley’s been leading about making social media companies liable for the content that is on their platform, which they’re not currently. Is that an idea or a change in law that you would support?”


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“We have to do something. I tell you. I have many, many millions of followers on Twitter, and it’s different than it used to be. Things are happening. Names are taken off. People aren’t getting through,” Trump said.

“You’ve heard the same complaints, and it seems to be if they’re conservative, if they’re Republicans, if they’re in a certain group, there’s discrimination and big discrimination. I see it absolutely on Twitter and Facebook, which I have also, and also others I see, but I really focus on the one platform, and I have many different platforms,” the president said, adding that he has 60 million Twitter followers and 100 million people if you add those following his Facebook page.

Trump used the word “collusion” to describe social media’s censorship of conservatives.

“We use the word collusion very loosely all the time, and I will tell you there is collusion with respect to that, because something has to be going on,” he said, adding that statements made by social media executives display “the level of in many cases hatred they have for a certain group of people that happen to be in power, that happen to have won the election.”

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