Liberals…The Next Wave Has Arrived

Liberals…The Next Wave Has Arrived by Rory for The Daily Coin

It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s they know so much that isn’t so. ~ Ronald Reagan

After watching, and more importantly, listening to this new crop of CONgressmen like crazy eyes Cortez and the two muslims that can barely speak english but somehow articulate complex and detailed questions it became obvious these people are merely puppets. I have been questioning crazy eyes Cortez for several weeks as it is impossible to go from zero (completely unknown) to world stage literally overnight without having the deep state pushing the agenda. I always come back to twitter. Twitter was completely unheard of until every morning “news” show and every financial network were continually talking about tweets and sending tweets live on air, blah, blah, blah all about twitter. This went on for several weeks until everybody, everywhere was talking about twitter. The exact same thing has happened with crazy eyes Cortez. To a lesser degree, Ilhan Omar, the anti-semite, married to her brother muslim that wears a religious symbol in the halls of Congress, the hijab. The other is the loud, foul-mouthed muslim Rashia Tlaib. Sharia law is incompatible with Constitutional law.

All women, all “people of color” and all getting lots and lots of air time. These people are actors. The words they use belong to someone else. The life they lead was gifted to them and now you and I, the tax payers, have been handed the bill. If we don’t out these people, run them out of office, possibly imprison them and disband this Socialist Democrat network that is attempting a coup of our nation they will be successful.

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Their funds need to be seized, and George Soros needs to imprisoned and his funds seized – all of his funds. Until every last dime associated with the Soros family is removed and his entire network of funding is drained there will be more and more of these treasonous organizations that will come to the fore. If you don’t believe me, watch or re-watch the video below. Pay particular attention to who heads this organization of Democratic Socialist and what their go-forward plans are for you and I. They will not stop until we are their slave. President Trump has stated over and over the Democrats want power and they are not interested in anything else. If you listen to what is said, that is exactly what is repeated by these treasonous organizers that can now claim their first victory, their first step in achieving the goals discussed below.

I’ve now watched this video several times and something changed this morning while watching. It is clear we are under attack from within and unless we get organized, pool our resources and push back there will be only one outcome. It’s an outcome that leave the United States of America in the dust bin of history. Do you want that for your children, grand children, great grand children and right down the line? These people are serious.

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