New Danish MMR study shows autism rate of 1 in 100—CDC should rush to Denmark!

New Danish MMR study shows autism rate of 1 in 100—CDC should rush to Denmark! by J.B. Handley for JB Handley Blog

COPENHAGEN, Denmark—The night before a Congressional Hearing we have another “Danish Study” that will invariably be all the talk tomorrow. It’s too bad no one reads (or understands) the details about these studies that are both funded and researched by vaccine companies (this one is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and research completed by Danish vaccine maker Statens Serum Institut.)

I won’t bore you with how consistently this particular vaccine maker has helped publish bogus studies used here in the U.S. to prove “vaccines don’t cause autism”, but it’s a long, sordid history. So, I’m just going to make six quick points about why this study doesn’t change anything about the debate (but will most certainly be used by Paul Offit and others to “slam the door” once again):

  1. We’ve still only studied a single vaccine. Even though children receive 11 vaccines, and MMR isn’t given until 12 months old, long after many other vaccines. Here’s the table:

This has been true for 20 years now.

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This has been true for 20 years now.

Just watch. The media will say, over and over, “proves vaccines don’t cause autism.” No, it doesn’t. If you prove Vioxx causes heart attacks, that doesn’t mean all drugs cause heart attacks…Sigh.

2. The most compelling data in the study will never get covered: why is the autism rate in this study only 1 in 100?

Here in the U.S. we’re at 1 in 36! Shouldn’t CDC researchers rush to Denmark to figure out why their autism rate is so much lower than ours? For every 1,000 Danish kids, only 10 have autism. But here in the U.S., we have 28 per 1,000, that’s 177% more autism! I thought Paul Offit wanted everyone to believe the autism rate was the same everywhere? What gives?

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