Bishop of Wakefield: Why Christians need to find ways of generously living together

Bishop of Wakefield: Why Christians need to find ways of generously living together by Tony Robinson  for Christian Today

After an independent review found that the Dean and Chapter of Wakefield Cathedral did not do enough to accommodate the views of a traditionalist worshipper opposed to women’s ordination, the Bishop of Wakefield responds.  

Generosity is surely essential to following Jesus. Indeed all that Jesus expects us to do in life cannot be done without a generous attitude. Generosity is required to trust God at the depth that produces a life of sacrifice, serving others and even forgiving in the same way we are forgiven.

When Christians disagree, it can be very confusing and frustrating for believers and non-believers alike. How can the Church stay united and Christians continue to be known for their love while also disagreeing?

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WikipediaWakefield Cathedral is considering its position after a CofE independent reviewer ruled against it.

If we are honest disunity has always been a major problem for God’s people. Even the Old Testament records the civil wars and family fights among the people of Israel, and almost every local church mentioned in the New Testament had divisions to contend with. The Corinthians were divided over human leaders, and some of the members were even suing each other. The Galatian saints were ‘biting and devouring’ one another and the saints in Ephesus and Colossae had to be reminded of the importance of Christian unity. The believers in Rome were divided over special diets and special days. Some of the members thought it was a sin to eat meat, so they ate only vegetables. Other members thought it a sin not to observe the Jewish holy days.

If each Christian had kept his convictions to himself, there would have been no problem, but they began to criticise and judge one another. The one group was sure the other group was not at all spiritual.

Unfortunately, we have similar problems today with many grey areas of life that are not clearly right or wrong to every believer. Some activities we know are wrong, because the Bible clearly condemns them. Other activities we know are right, because the Bible clearly commands them. But when it comes to areas that are not clearly defined in Scripture, we find ourselves needing some other kind of guidance.

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