The USSA Openly Turns Satanic

The USSA Openly Turns Satanic by Richard Sauder for Event Horizon Chronicle

One of my readers in Asia sent me this “Hail Satan” movie preview that’s just out from Magnolia Pictures. I suppose it will be hitting the cinemas in the coming weeks. It’s quite an eyeful. It’s only two minutes, but you’ll get the idea.

My opinion of this tinsel-town snippet is that it essentially reflects what the USSA already is, in large measure, and is an accurate, cinematic, social-barometric indicator of the direction the USSA is determinedly headed: nowhere good.

My view is that the USSA is a really, really bad place and has been for a long time. Anyone who cannot or will not see that is either sleepwalking through life or is personally complicit to some degree in the red-white-and-blue organized crime called “America”, and looks the other way for reasons of narrow, self-interest or selfish gain. One could argue that from the very beginning, with the inception of the Virginia Company at Jamestown in 1607, that the entire, imperial, “American” project of conquest, genocidal slaughter, subjugation, exploitation, slavery, land and resource theft, and war and war and more and more war is thoroughly satanic

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Many so-called “Christians”, very large numbers of them in fact, have in all actuality been closet satanists all along, with their devotion to  and glorification of the satanic state and its savage, ruthless wars and policies. Very large numbers of “Christians” do not shrink at all from the imperial slaughter, mayhem, savagery, conquest, theft of land and resources, all under the blood-drenched, stars-and-stripes banner of the regime in Washington, D.C. The savagery of the state is there for all to see, and yet many “Christian” churches place a national flag right down front, just to the side of the altar or pulpit.

What was it Jesus said about not serving two masters? — and yet most “Christians” do serve two masters! In fact, many of them are far more loyal to the state than to Jesus; they kill and die for the state, and encourage others to do likewise, or even compel others by force of law to kill and die for the state.

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