The Ugly Truth Behind Open Borders

The Ugly Truth Behind Open Borders By Jennie Taer for Sara A Carter

The porous U.S. Mexico border has become a hotbed for illicit activity. The Mexican cartels are using these loopholes to poison our children, according to Sara Carter who spoke about the issue Friday at the American Conservative Union’s annual CPAC conference. Drug cartels have been bringing deadly fentanyl and heroin to fuel the opioid crisis. Carter has spent the majority of her career covering the largest threats to our national security at the U.S. Mexico border. Carter’s extensive investigations uncovered some of the most complex narcotics-trafficking routes, including hidden tunnels.

On Friday, Federal agents arrested five people connected to a fentanyl and heroin mill in Westchester County, NY. DEA and Greenburgh police seized five kilograms of fentanyl and six kilograms of heroin. This amount of the potent narcotics is enough to kill millions of Americans.

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Additionally, Carter spoke with Stefan Kleinhanz of Hillsdale College Radio about the humanitarian crisis at the US Mexico border. Carter told Kleinhanz that the situation is becoming significantly worse. The cartels have created an billion dollar industry at the expense of those crossing in search of a better life.

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