In Venezuela, Inmates Are Being Released, Uniformed, Armed, and Sent to Kill Protesters

In Venezuela, Inmates Are Being Released, Uniformed, Armed, and Sent to Kill Protesters By J. G. Martinez D. for The Organic Prepper

Dear fellows, the title of this article is intended to alert what happens in a real crisis. Criminals have been released in Venezuela and given guns to shoot the demonstrators who are protesting against Maduro.

This is another localized end-of-days event that is incredibly dangerous.

The criminals that conform the band inside the government Cuban-infiltrated and controlled “institutions” have opened the doors of Hell itself. (Anyone who has seen footage of what happens inside the Venezuelan jails will understand).

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They released the inmates and sent them to fight the demonstrators.

They let the inmates out, gave uniforms and weapons to fight against the demonstrators. This is happening, and there are proofs of that published in the web by the infamous Varela, prison “minister”.

Over 25 murdered persons, and over 100 injured, all of them by gunshots. I am not going to turn this article in a politic debate. Far from that.

I would love to make sure you understand that this happens.

The possibilities of it happening perhaps are low, but the consequences of such event are extremely high once it occurs.

Of course, in the USA there are far more possibilities for the common homesteader to survive an inmates’ attack if such threat someday knocks at their door. Thank the Lord for that, people!

But there is something I feel the need to enhance. The gangs are getting organized progressively on time. Their tactics have become more and more specialized. Even in Venezuela, where common criminals were not as tactically prepared as in some other countries, the degree of organization has been increasing, and that, my fellows is alarming.

Occupying territories, setting up safe houses, instructing their members in weapon usage, using the shoot-and-run tactics…all of this is part of the new semi-organized crime. And it has to be deleted off the face of Earth.

Don’t EVER underestimate the intelligence of such criminals.

This could be a fatal mistake.

What is happening meanwhile I am typing for you, is that there are criminal gangsters roaming on the Chinese small motorcycles that I have mentioned enough before, with the guy in the backseat armed, in numbers of 20 or 30, shooting to the civilians protesting for the negative of the usurpation mafia to let the medical supplies and food to enter. Last time I checked, the police themselves had burned down 3 semi-trucks containing a part of the donations.

There are guys dressed in civilian clothes, with radios, bullet-proof vests, and AR-15s OTAN weapons without ANY identification. Completely against our laws and regulations. Roaming free, with the power to shoot civilians if they feel like doing so.

We don’t know who they are, where they are from, but we do know what their directives are. They are going to kill as many people as they need, and stay for as long as they need until the last persons protesting end up staining the asphalt with their blood.

This is what they mean when they talk of “Peace”. That is their version of peace. Submission. Subjugation. Humiliation. Anyone raising their heads and rebelling will be shot.

This is hard to assimilate, I know, but this is what is happening. There is no other way, but to fight our way inside our country again, even if this is done with borrowed weapons.

There are other ways inmates could get out of prison.

There is a real risk of inmates getting out jail in a crisis. Whether they are willfully released and armed or whether they make their escape, the possibility is of concern. If this is a major or minor issue in your location is up to you.

What should you do if you live near a prison?

But it should be a major concern for anyone being located at a tank car of a distance of any prison of any size.

My suggestion?

Given the severity of the attacks of the roaming bands against unarmed people in the frontiers of Venezuela, the best approach, in any instance, would be using modern technology, such as drones to keep good surveillance of the surroundings.

Deterrent systems at the outside perimeter of our main homestead, three kinds of barriers, that sort of stuff. It would be nice to grow a lot of thorn bushes, very thick, around our place. If someone tries to get through, the only way would be with a large enough vehicle that would send clouds of dust visible hundreds of meters away and noise. Another way would be setting them on fire, not very smart if you want to attack with the surprise advantage. Some good caliber rounds, well positioned, and the threat could be mitigated unless the vehicle is well armored. And there are cheap and civilian-friendly solutions even for that, though.

Check the modern drones that have a nice cargo capacity. Investing in some DIY kits is a great idea. Or even better, to use that wonderful ingenuity that some preppers have to manufacture…big boys toys, so to speak.

You get the picture, right? If a gang armed to the teeth is prepared to receive some resistance, it is unlikely that they will be able to expect some threat from above, instead of some face-to-face shooting. However, this resource, as useful as it is, has to be used with the most caution possible. Being fragile and expensive, therefore not so easy to replace, will be a con. Used wisely, very effective. There are lots of inexpensive alternatives…but I believe it´s much better to keep that for myself.

It is not a secret that the roots of our crisis are entirely artificial; man-made.

We did not have the needed means to defend against a totalitarian dictatorship such as the one that was slowly implemented. In our country, the gun culture is not as extended as in other parts of the world.

Hopefully, that is going to change in the future.

Good people HAVE to be armed. Criminals must be shot. It is a simple equation.

And I dare to tell this, after almost killing someone with my SUV in an armed robbery attempt. Had my car not been strong and big, able to get over a tree in the middle of a desert road at 120 km/h, my family and I would have been murdered. No doubt about it. If you look for some information about El Picure and Los Malditos del tren de Aragua Gang and have some patience, you will have a good overview of how criminals can reign in a large area. Just like Oaxaca.

Had I been armed and able to shoot back, that road would have been much safer for quite some time.

The situation in the border has had me with my soul hanging on a thread, to be honest. I’ve been the entire week with an eye glued to my screen watching everything.

I can be proud of something: this scenario is exactly what we have been prepping for since 2007. General turmoil, lack of services, even internet and cellphones, inability to leave the house for buying food, and food scarcity.

However, our estimations were way too low. This lasted for years instead of the 6 months that was our planned strategy. That was the main reason we had to leave.

My thoughts on US intervention

Daisy says she’s against the US intervening, and I agree with her in 85%.

The political toll is high, given our former relationships between both of our countries, and I would not like the world opinion getting into the mess to stir up the anti-US sentiment, once the words and ACTIONS of your leaders have been noble and completely friendly with our population (And I mean Pres. Trump with the deceased Oscar Perez’s mother sharing the podium).

The remaining reasons for me not being 100% agree is that there are other components that will be very dangerous for the entire continent, and can’t be contained with our Armed Forces kidnapped, and being the national shame that is at this moment; and most of our political sphere favoring the spreading of those extremely dangerous groups.

There is a strong relationship with world terrorist groups that make our inmates look like school kids that need some spanking corrective action.

I mean Hamas, and Hezbollah, and all flavors of the Colombian guerrilla. THESE guys are BAD. They truly hate the West. They have been fighting to impose their communist agenda for decades now.

They are roaming free in Venezuela in our southern States, the richest in minerals and resources, and the worst shootings have been in these small cities nearby the mines.

How many of them will be trying to pass through your southern border within the next 3 years with fake Mexican passports now that there is a commie like Lopez Obrador in the chair?

Why do you think that the first thing Cuban intelligence did was to get their filthy paws in our national ID system? It was corrupted, sure, but they TOOK OVER IT. They needed to issue passports for their agents. They had agreements to provide Venezuelan passports to terrorists from the Middle East, arriving through the frontier with Brazil.

Why do you think that El Aissami, the man responsible for this direct threat, is now in Russia?

Thank you.

Thanks to all the people that have made possible for me to assist my family.

I would love to hear your comments about this (preferably if comments are respectful, polite, It’s much better if we avoid the political issue and talk about prepping), as I am sure something is still out to explain about what exactly is happening there.

Blessings for everyone, people.

Freedom is around the corner.

Source – The Organic Prepper –

About Jose

Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country.

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