‘Not On My Watch’: Activist Mommy Fights for Family, Faith, and Freedom

‘Not On My Watch’: Activist Mommy Fights for Family, Faith, and Freedom from CBN News

Elizabeth Johnston, known as the Activist Mommy to her millions of online followers, has amassed over 70 million video views on social media while speaking passionately on controversial cultural issues.

Her new book, Not On My Watch: How to Win the Fight for Family, Faith, and Freedom– written in her characteristically no-nonsense style – is meant to equip Christian moms, dads, grandparents and Millennials to tackle the current cultural issues of natural marriage, free speech, the sexualization of children, abortion, and gender erasure.

“If you are tired of your values being trampled, then you must tread beyond your home and the four walls of the church to impact your culture for God,” says Elizabeth. “Our nation suffers from an open wound called sin, and God wants to use us to bring healing. May a movement of men and women shake off the fear of man and rise to the great task of preserving our nation and rescuing future generations.”

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From the mom who exposed Teen Vogue and launched the global Sex Ed Sit-Out movement comes a page-turner that is sure to convict and inspire like no other. As a mother who has made Christian activism a calling for her life and her family, Johnston courageously defends the timeless truths of God’s Word throughout Not on My Watch.

She exposes a growing trend in schools where teachers are telling students that they can be whatever gender they feel like. “It’s a perfectly normal, healthy option they say,” she tells CBN. “They are absolutely wreaking confusion and havoc on this generation. They are radical cultural Marxists who have every intention of changing the fabric of our nation and ensuring that our children do not hold our values. That is why I’m a huge homeschool advocate.”

Now Johnston tells CBN Founder Pat Robertson about her latest cause – to battle the horror of New York state’s radical new abortion law through prayer and repentance at nationwide rallies this weekend.

“This Saturday, the day of mourning is being held across this nation. We are calling America to repent over the 46 years of bloodshed. We are asking Americans to wear black, to not shop, to close down your businesses for the day, and to repent for the sin of abortion,” she tells CBN. “You know the Benham Brothers. We have them speaking. Black conservative David J. Harris will be speaking. We’re holding a huge flagship rally that’s already sold out, in Albany, New York, right in the epicenter of where Governor Cuomo signed and celebrated that outrageous, infanticide law.”

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