If You Still Believe Corporate Media Delivers News…

If You Still Believe Corporate Media Delivers News… by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

Amber Lyons is one of many journalist that have left corporate media for a variety of reasons. None of these reason were due to the corporate media companies supporting their work, encouraging great journalism or even reporting the truth. No, these people all left for the exact opposite reasons. Lies, propaganda and deception are the tools corporate media use today. Why do you think websites, Like Gospel News Network are flourishing? We report facts and if the information is questionable we tell you it’s questionable – allow you to make up your own mind as to wether it’s truth or not. We would never intentionally mislead you.

Remember Brian Williams? Remember the fantastical story of being shot at in a helicopter by ISIS with RPG’s while flying over Iraq? Remember how he reported on this on several different occasions? Remember how the whole thing was a made up nonsensical LIE? Yeah, you do. What about the race baiting comments made everyday on CNN and MSNBC or Mika Brezenski telling you, on live TV they are the ones that tell you what the news is and how you are to think – that’s their job!

This is just two really well known examples of the lies, propaganda and deception that is played out 24/7/365 on corporate media. Listen to Amber Lyons provide you with details and names of the best and brightest that left journalist because they live by a moral code of conduct.

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Remember during the Obama regime the Office of the Presidency was off limits to criticisms? Remember how if you said anything negative about Obomba’s performance as President you were a racist? ‘member? Sure you do, because it’s a fact. Now, these same talking heads spew hate, nonstop, as far as the eye can see. They call President Trump some of the most vile names a person could hurl at another human being and then go home to their family, their children and believe they have served their country. These “water carriers'” day is coming.

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