Exposing Another Agent of the Enemy

Exposing Another Agent of the Enemy by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

How these people sleep at night is beyond all comprehension. I reached the conclusion several months ago most, if not all, the main players on corporate media are agents of the enemy and have sold their soul to the fallen one. It breaks my heart every time I see these victims, especially Kate Steinle, who were murdered by illegal immigrants.

The killers should have never been in our country and while agents of the enemy, like Ana Navvaro, file their nails another innocent life is destroyed forever. It could be another American citizen murdered, kidnapped or overdosed from drugs smuggled in across the border. It could be another woman raped as she makes her way to Americas southern border because she was told she could simply walk in. It could be another child that was promised safe passage, to our southern border, by a “coyote” (human smuggler) but is instead sold into human trafficking for organ harvesting, sex trade or any number of other scenarios.

Keep filing your nails, Ana, keep exposing yourself and the agents you surround yourself with and we will keep watch and continue to expose the evil that engulfs so many nail-filing, eye-rollers on TV or wherever they show up.

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Let’s not forget these agents of the enemy happily promote, singing and dancing, while telling you and I this is perfectly natural, acceptable and all part of the new normal.

No, it is not, nor will it ever be.

Just a few years ago this would have been considered child abuse and the naked man would have been arrested for such a crime and the child would have been separated, permanently, from it’s parents. Today, however, it is glorified and raised up as a crowning victory to “progress”.

And you call me crazy because I believe in Jesus Christ. Rrriiiggghhhttt!!!

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