Stephen Hawking smuggled Bibles into Russia!

Stephen Hawking smuggled Bibles into Russia! by: Bill Brown for Break Point

Science, Faith, and the Search for Truth, Part One.

The title above is called clickbait, a sensational headline intended to entice you to continue reading the story or clicking on a link to another website.

If I had used almost any other name, the headline would not be as intriguing. Stephen Colbert. Stephen King. Stephen A. Smith. They don’t work.

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But Stephen Hawking!? A major force promoting the superiority of science over religion; atheism over faith?

His name on any headline grabs attention. It has gravitas, authority, and credibility. He was, after all, a scientist.

Take this headline from The Times of London (September 2, 2010):

“Hawking: God did not create the Universe.”

So, there is no God. Case closed. Why? Because it’s Stephen Hawking!

Being the de facto smartest man in the world carried authority reserved for those who are knowledgeable about things most people don’t understand, particularly in the realm of science. Hawking’s views on God, religion, creation, black holes, and the end of the universe had, and have, magisterial authority.

So, you ask, did Stephen Hawking really smuggle Bibles into Russia?

To find the answer, read to the end!

Ok, Sorry. Enough clickbait.

The answer is, “Yes, Stephen Hawking smuggled Bibles into Russia.” And I will share the account at the end. But the story of how Stephen Hawking attained his exalted status says a lot about the current status of science vs God debate.

Stephen Hawking and the Big Bang

Currently, science and religion are branded as opposing sides in a battle for the right to determine humanity’s dominant narrative. Over the last few decades, standing above it all, was Stephen Hawking. A theoretical physicist who was at the right place and time for his gifts. His research deepened, broadened, and corrected the findings of the greats who came before him. Much of what is accepted about the beginning of the universe and black holes are the result of his work.

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