Former “Religion of Peace” Mom Beaten, Raped, Threatened with Death for Converting to Christianity

Former “Religion of Peace” Mom Beaten, Raped, Threatened with Death for Converting to Christianity by Christian Ellis for CBN News

GNN Note – But, but, but, it’s not a “cult”… until you try to leave.


A former Muslim and mother of four was recently beaten, raped, and threatened with death for her conversion to Christianity. The Somali native moved to Kenya’s Ifo refugee camp after being sent by her husband in 2016. The woman and her four children converted to Christianity after a year.

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Afraid of the Islamic apostasy law which calls for death for a person who converts, the woman attempted to keep her conversion a secret. However, Somali Muslims living in the camp noticed her leaving a church service in February 2018. The notice resulted in immediate death threats from her former Muslim community.

“We have known that you are a Christian, and one of us saw you come out of a church on Sunday,” read one of the letters, the Morning Star News reports. “If you continue attending the church, then we shall come for your head soon.”

The 41-year old woman stopped attending and attempted to move. However, the Somali Muslim community increased persecution.

“But it looks like we had already being marked,” the woman told Morning Star News, her name withheld for privacy. “Soon four of my children converted to Christ, and I cut all links with my husband in Somalia.”

The pastor of the church she attended came to her house to pray for her and her family.

Then, on Jan. 2, four Muslims from Somalia forcefully entered their home.

“I was beaten and then raped by four men who threatened me, telling me not to say anything about the ordeal that I went through,” she told Morning Star News. “As they left the house at 1 a.m., one of them said, ‘We could have killed you for being a disgrace to Islam and joining Christianity, which is against our religion, but since you are a single mother, we have decided to spare your life with the condition that you should not mention our names.”

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