When Your Narrative Falls Apart – Label Them Far Right Extremist or Worse

When Your Narrative Falls Apart – Label Them Far Right Extremist or Worse by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

After being in the news business for close 10 years and moving through upwards of 70+ websites and 20+ YouTube channels a day, seven days a week during that time, one becomes familiar with “fake news”,  propaganda and when someone is attempting to push a narrative. We have come across a big one today.

This morning as I’m going through the top sites I visit to deliver todays stories I ran across an article that featured an image of Tommy Robinson. If you’re not familiar with Tommy Robinson, he has been very vocal about the islamization of his home country, the out-of-control laws to crush free speech and how the nation where he grew up is being transformed into something none of the native born recognize. Robinson has lived his entire life in Great Britain. I can’t say that I fault him for his concern, I too, am very concerned over theses exact same issues in the U.S.. This is to say nothing of the volume, and in some cases, the concentration, of muslim’s in communities where they create no-go zones. When was the last time you were driving along and came up on a Christian no-go zone? Anyone? Ever? Can you please stop and think about that for just a minute. This is a threat to, not only Great Britain, but to any other nation where there are high concentrations of muslims – especially, illegal border jumping muslims like has happened all across Europe. This is to say nothing of Sweden becoming the rape capital of the world.

Now since Tommy Robinson has been vocal about, and reporting what he finds happening, he is being labeled as “far right” “extremist” and now a “nazi”. This is how you know that so-called “reporters” have reached the end of the line in their talking points when they are left with one option – anyone they don’t agree with or that doesn’t carry the approved narrative is called a nazi.

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Not only is Tommy Robinson being called a nazi, the Yellow Vest movement is being attacked as people that are spreading hate, division and “radicalizing” the youth. This is beyond ridiculous. The Yellow Vest movement is an organic pushback against the satanic globalist elite, like French President Macron.

There is a website, that reminds me of the ProporNot nonsense that was exposed a few years ago as nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Washington Post. This new site, which is based in the UK, seems to be cut from the same clothe. With the website being UK based I WILL NOT link directly to it as the dystopian laws in the UK create a sense of concern for our safety, our well being and the future of our work. Of course, the creators of the site in question are using the tried and true method of deception and naming the website “Hope Not Hate” to announce how loving and caring they are. This method of deception is all too familiar to those paying attention. We have seen this very same method used in the U.S. with such things as the “Affordable Care Act” – 100% unaffordable and most of it has been exposed as nothing more than lies. Or how about the “Clean Air Act” where companies are allowed to pump 25% more mercury into the atmosphere than before the Act was signed. The list goes on and on of this type of deception. You can make your own decisions about what this website is about by going here (copy and paste and make the appropriate adjustments) – https://www.hopenothate [dot] org [dot] uk/2019/02/17/state-hate-2019-executive-summary/

We are not fans of Tommy Robinson, but we are fans of the Yellow Vest, free speech and human sovereignty. The Christian community should be as well. If Tommy Robinson has grievances with the British government he should have an opportunity to air those grievances. If a person is not allowed to film a public act in a public space then something has gone terribly wrong. If the filming of said public act in a public space is believed to be a criminal act, well, then you have a whole other layer that needs addressing. This is one of the main “crimes” committed by “far right” “extremist” Tommy Robinson. Oh, by the way, if he chooses to use a pen name, as I do on this web site, the last time I checked that wasn’t a crime either, it is merely a precaution – as in PRE CAUTION you know, exercising caution BEFORE some type of unwanted, unnecessary attack occurs. To remain anonymous is another human right granted by God, not the state.

The satanic globalist elite are losing control of the narrative and are being forced to use ever stronger emotion filled language to capture the attention of anyone still listening to their lies and nonsense. What they are effectively doing is pushing more and more people away from their narrative every time they publish something like this website. People with heart, mind and soul – not to mention a brain – know these are lies being pushed by the state. The satanic globalist are terrified that someone like Tommy Robinson, or Randolph Jason, will make headway in countering the propaganda. We are winning because if we weren’t the aforementioned website would not be necessary.

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