Gold: The Metal of the Gods is Back

Gold: The Metal of the Gods is Back By Chris Campbell for Laissez Faire Books

Gold is making a comeback. Given humanity’s long, and never lost, appreciation for the Midas Metal, this should surprise no one.

Gold always comes back.

Today, we’ll look at why humanity is, and always will have a fascination with gold…

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Why it might be a good time to back up the truck…

Plus, you’ll discover a NEW, easy, and ingenious way to buy physical gold…

(My colleague calls it the “Coinbase of Gold” because it takes all the pains out of buying the physical stuff)…

Why gold? Why always (but also right now)?

To answer that, let’s rewind back to ancient times, the loins from which we are the fruit…

Our ancestors believed only seven planets revolved around ours… the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

(Those, of course, that could be seen with the naked eye, back when we had the time and patience to stare at the sky in wonder.)

Each planet was associated with a God, had its own metal or gem, and was given a day of the week.

(Today, this Wednesday, we celebrate Odin’s day (or Woden), the God of Mercury, the Messenger, the Trickster, the Rulebreaker, Shapeshifter).


No planets, however, in all places, races, and times, took more worship and prayer than the Sun…

From Ancient Egypt to India to Rome, the halo of the Sun is seen around the heads of all of our world’s enlightened ones…


This worship of the Sun runs deep…

Even today, in our age of “ultimate reason,” SUNday is still commonly accepted, even among the nonreligious, as the day of rest and reflection.

Today, in public at least, most of us snub our noses at such silly superstitions (although privately, more than half of us are checking our horoscopes on our phones).

In our ultra-rational times, we know the Sun to be a star, not a planet. A sphere (a perfect one, that is) of hot plasma, not a God.

Nothing magnificent about it at all.

It’s the reason man invented sunblock, and that’s about it.

The one defining drive of our age, after all, is to rob our ancestors of their ability to marvel at the wonders of the world.

Despite all of this, we still worship the Sun’s metal with the same amount of vigor as we always have — that metal of the Gods…


Indeed, despite Keynes disparaging it as a “barbarous relic”…

There’s still something about gold which invokes within us a deep, timeless appreciation.

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