Chelsea Clinton Reminds the World How She Feels About Babies

Chelsea Clinton Reminds the World How She Feels About Babies by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

We have known for some time this seed was flawed. We have known for some time that this seed is another agent of the enemy raised by agents of the enemy. She has worn upside down crosses for many years and even wished the church of satan a happy new year.

“Any country that teaches abortion is not teaching the people to love, but to use any violence to get what they want. That is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.” ~ Mother Teresa – Source

When Chelsea Clinton isn’t wishing the Church of Satan a Happy New Year or wearing an upside-down satanic cross she is busy reminding you how “un-Christian” you are for not supporting mothers murdering their own children in the womb. Source

It seems the smallest Clinton, with an eye on “public service” is once again, reminding the world she is still here, still filled with hate and really, really needs some prayer.

In a new interview, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, says she left the Baptist Church at the age of 6 because it has a strongly pro-life position opposing abortions.

Clinton made the comment at a recent fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in an attempt to address evangelicals who question her mother’s faith in God. She said she was upset when teachers in a Sunday School class talked about the wrongness of abortion.

“I find it quite insulting sometimes when people say to my mom, my dad or me . . . that they question our faith,’ said Chelsea. “I was raised in a Methodist church and I left the Baptist church before my dad did, because I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was 6 in Sunday school — that’s a true story.”

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“My mother is very deeply a person of faith,” Chelsea said. “It is deeply authentic and real for my mother, and it guides so much of her moral compass, but also her life’s work.”

“I recognized that there were many expressions of faith that I don’t agree with and feel [are] quite antithetical to how I read the Bible,” Chelsea said. “But I find it really challenging when people who are self-professed liberals kind of look askance at my family’s history.” Source

Whenever we hear any of the Clintons reference Hillary or Bill’s faith there is never, ever any mention of whom their faith is directed. Yes, when they were younger, before Bill occupied the White House, but nothing since – wonder why. Sure, in this piece Chelsea eludes to the Methodist and Baptist Church, but does not, and has never, made mention of Hillary or Bill being attendance or participating in any way during her life. I need you to think about that for a minute then search, DuckDuckGo, StartPage or anything other than google [of course, you’re welcome to use google we choose to avoid them], the words clinton and spirit cooking and let me know what you find. Whatever you find will be far less than holy and most certainly not welcomed at the Methodist or Baptist Church.

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What else needs to be said, other than sign the petition and let’s do our best to be rid of the entire Clinton crime family. These evil, vile people have been on the public stage quiet long enough and it’s time for them to shut up, step aside and do what ever they can to repair their broken souls.

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