“Necessary Evil…”?!

“Necessary Evil…” by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

My entire life I have heard people use the phrase “necessary evil”. This phrase is used to convey how someone doesn’t like one thing over another but believes in their heart-of-hearts they must choose one of the two items. Whatever that something is it’s use seemingly outweighs the fact that it has been deemed as evil regardless of the choice made. It’s not uncommon to hear this phrase used when discussing politics and, more specifically, individual politicians. Somehow it is boiled down to one criminal wearing one color pitted against another criminal wearing an altogether different color and we hear choosing one over the other is a “necessary evil”. Not sure how I feel about this and I’ll tell you this, Christians should really take pause when this phrase comes into the conversation. If someone is dedicating their life to principals, and reflections, this phrase should strike fear in them when used.

I was recently discussing a business arrangement with an associate and before we met I had thought I would hear this phrase. Not sure why I thought it would be said, but I did and yes, indeed; full bore in the context as I had thought it would be used it was unleashed. Since it was expected I didn’t get alarmed or even show any care or concern over the phrase. But I, obviously, have thought a lot about it since.

Even if you’re an atheist the phrase “necessary evil” matters. Even atheist understand that people are inherently flawed. How the flaw occurs is where religious and secular conversations usually part ways. Is it really necessary that we accept this “thing” or participate in this situation that has been deemed as evil? It seems pretty clear to me that if I consider something evil why wouldn’t I turn that over to God and walk away from it? Do I need it, is it truly necessary for my life? Just asking…for a friend.

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