Homosexuals Persecuting Christians in America – Do You Feel The Walls Closing In?

Homosexuals Persecuting Christians in America – Do You Feel The Walls Closing In? by Fr. Joseph Gleason for Russia-Insider

“Pastors will be arrested, and imprisoned, and taken out of your churches. Your children will be taken out of your home by force. If you just put your head down, and cave in, and decide that you’re not going to complain about it, then by force the government will teach your little ones — your children and your grandchildren — about the ways of the demons, about the ways of the gays.”

Russia Insider’s Note: In 2015, the homosexual movement achieved a major milestone in the United States of America. The Supreme Court ruled that homosexual “marriages” must be performed in all 50 states.

Some Christians shrugged and said, “This won’t affect me.” Other Christians researched the history of the LGBT movement in other countries, finding that legalization is always followed by the government-sponsored persecution of Christians. Consider Fr. Josiah Trenham’s masterpiece: A Black Day — Supreme Folly From The Supremes.

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Shortly after the Supreme Court announced their decision to mandate the support of sodomy in America, Fr. Joseph Gleason preached a homily at a small Orthodox church in southern Illinois, warning American Christians of what to expect as a result. To help protect Christian families from future persecution in America, he started the Moving to Russia group, which has now grown to over 1,100 members, and he encouraged the Russian Faith website to publish articles about people around the world who are Moving to Russia.

As predicted, for those in America who support traditional marriage, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Christians to keep a job, it is getting harder for Christians to adopt children, and the stage is being set for increased persecution of conservative Christians.

What do you think? Is the following sermon out of touch with reality, or does it make reasonable predictions? Over the past three years, has America become a safer place to raise a Christian family? Or has American society become increasingly hostile towards the traditional Christian family? Please contribute your opinions in the comments section below. We want to know what you think.

Here is Fr. Joseph’s homily from July 5, 2015:

Do You Feel the Walls Closing In?

“Brethren, I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.” [Romans 8:18]

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. God is One.

Thousands of years ago, Sodom was one city. Today, it is a continent. From Canada to Mexico, and now to the United States of America, acceptance of sodomy and homosexual same-sex unions is the law of the land.

One girl was doing some writing on the internet praising the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the United States. She was so happy for all of her gay friends and for all of the new benefits and “rights” which they would receive as a result of this. To those of her friends who were upset about the ruling, she said, “don’t worry. Take heart. This will not affect you at all.”

It is painted as something that is all positive, simply meant to add some additional benefits to a particular group that have been judged unfairly and marginalized. They say they’re not out to get Christians. They’re not out to get those who defend traditional marriage. They simply want to have their own little spot in society where they can be free. At least, this is the story they tell.

As much as America has poured its money, and its media, and its military into recreating every nation on earth in its own image, it is interesting to note that this move towards same-sex marriage has actually been successful around the world in most other countries first. On this particular score, the United States of America itself is rather late to the game. Same-sex marriage has already been the law of the land for years in Canada, Mexico, France, Brazil, and numerous countries all over the world. It might be interesting to look at some snapshots of the things that have happened since then in some of these countries.

Has the LGBT same-sex marriage movement pushed for free speech, equal rights for all, fairness to Christians as well as to homosexuals? Or have Christians’ fears been realized? Are we just fear-mongering? Are we just irrational? Are we just running from a shadow, or are they actually out to get us? Let’s see what’s happened in some of these other countries over the past few years. Then you ask yourself: “Do you think we will escape here?”


In 2005, ten years ago, Bill Whatcott was passing out flyers talking about how homosexuality is a sin. It is a sin for a woman to sleep with a woman or for a man to sleep with a man as if they were husband and wife. Scripture is clear about this. On this day in 2005, this man named Bill in Canada was very clear about this, and he passed out some flyers.

He was fined $17,500 by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal for distributing material deemed “hateful” by the Human Rights Tribunal.

This was appealed. It went all the way to the Supreme Court in Canada, and this was not a split decision. This was not a narrow margin. According to the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court in Canada in 2013, “the key is to determine the likely effect of the expression on its audience keeping in mind the legislative objectives to reduce or eliminate discrimination,” they decided. “The difficulty of establishing causality and the seriousness of the harm to the vulnerable groups justifies the imposition of preventive measures that do not require proof of actual harm,” the judgment reads[1].

According to the unanimous decision of the Canadian Supreme Court, there is no requirement to prove that this causes harm to the gays, and there is no requirement to demonstrate any evil intent on the part of the person passing out this literature. The very fact that it offends the gays is all that it takes to make it illegal, and there is no requirement for them to prove that any bad result came about because of this literature.[2]

If you pass out flyers against gay marriage or against homosexual sex, you can be fined $17,500. According to this unanimous decision of the Canadian Supreme Court, the financial penalty of $17,500 is to be reinstated against him, and disregarding a tribunal order to stop spreading hate speech can lead to contempt of court and jail. If he keeps quoting Romans chapter one, he could be found in contempt of court, and he could be put in prison.This is just north of us, just up in Canada. Most people speak English there. It’s not that far from home.


Now let’s go south to Mexico.

In December 2012, the Supreme Court in Mexico ruled that a ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional. A few months later, in March of 2013, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that anti-gay slurs are not protected speech. Quoted from the Mexican Supreme Court ruling: “In this sense, the first chamber determined that homophobic expressions, or in other words the frequent allegations that homosexuality is not a valid option but an inferior condition, constitute discriminatory statements even if they are expressed jokingly since they can be used to encourage, promote, and justify intolerance against gays.”[3]

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