World Health Organization Admits Medical Benefits Of Cannabis — Moves To Change 1954 Policy

World Health Organization Admits Medical Benefits Of Cannabis — Moves To Change 1954 Policy By Jason Erickson for Natural Blaze

GNN Note – I understand that a lot of people still believe yesterday news about marijuana, CBD and cannabinoids and that’s okay. What must be understood is this simple fact. The medical properties within this plant, just like turmeric, ginger and even some salts, is not found in the chemical that gets you high, but in the base part of the plant – the male plant produces most of the medicinal properties and that’s the part I’m interested in. For the record – I’m a recovered alcoholic and do not wish to have my mind, body or spirit altered by drugs, not even prescription legal drugs. I have been taking CBD oil for more than a year and there is a significant difference in the pain levels in my back and joints throughout my body when I run out of this wonder drug for a few days. Look at this drug through a different set of eyes – use your healing eyes, helpful eyes to see what this drug has to offer.


It took them 60+ years, but the World Health Organization seems to finally be buckling under the weight of evidence that shows the range of benefits to global health offered by cannabis products.

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The organization appears to be ready to take a two-fold approach to rescheduling cannabis for both THC-based products as well as non-THC cannabidiol products. The WHO proposition appeared in a February 5, 2019 post:

The World Health Organization has proposed rescheduling cannabis within international law to take account of the growing evidence for medical applications of the drug, reversing its position held for the past 60 years that cannabis should not be used in legitimate medical practice.

The WHO Expert Committee on Drug Dependence met late last year to critically review available evidence on cannabis and related substances and to agree the most appropriate level of international control. (Source: BMJ)

The first major change would be to reduce the absurd Schedule IV categorization for the psychoactive component of marijuana, THC, which currently stands as the equivalent to heroin and a whole host of other truly addictive and dangerous substances.  The second change is even more significant as the WHO has now made it clear that products in a non-THC form such as extracts should be removed completely from international drug controls.

As recounted by Newsweek, citing the comments of a global policy advisor for marijuana advocate group FAAAT, the WHO’s original opinion was outlined in 1954 (and was officially put into the schedule of drugs in 1961).

“The placement of cannabis in the 1961 treaty, in the absence of scientific evidence, was a terrible injustice … The World Health Organization has gone a long way toward setting the record straight.”


“The very positive outcome clearly acknowledges medical applications of cannabis and cannabinoids, reintegrates them into pharmacopoeias, balances harms and [effectively] repeals the WHO position from 1954, according to which ‘there should be efforts towards the abolition of cannabis from all legitimate medical practice,’” a statement from the organization read.

Most striking — and somewhat frustrating — is that this was the first time that the WHO ever properly addressed the available scientific research.  So, essentially, the evidence was there all along, but they just now got around to fulfilling their obligation to properly assess it. When we consider all of the damage that has been done in the name of the drug war, as well as the overall restriction of access to these wonderful products, it’s kind of rage-inducing.

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