Bold Prophecy for Those in a Season of Unexpected Resistance

Bold Prophecy for Those in a Season of Unexpected Resistance by MICHELLE MCFARLAND for Charisma Mag

Have you ever encountered an unexpected season of resistance? It seems as if you are going along in life, minding your own business and wham. Everything seems hard, things start to go wrong and you’re left thinking, “What in the world is going on?”

Well, I’m here to let you know what in the world is going on. Things aren’t getting harder because you’ve done something wrong. You’re not experiencing resistance because you’re going in the wrong direction. The truth is you are doing the right things at the right time and you are going in the right direction.

The difficulty you’re facing is all to get you to stop. The noise you are hearing, that’s the dogs of doom trying their best to keep you away from the door to your destiny. Kris Vallotton says it this way: “The dogs of doom stand at the doors of your destiny, and they bark louder and louder as you near your promise.”

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I recently encountered a season of unexpected resistance. I was advancing forward in many areas where the Lord had been challenging me, and I suddenly starting experiencing what most would call warfare. Relationships became strained, confusion was clouding my vision (that was clearer than ever just days before), sickness was visiting my house, my confidence in my calling and the promises of God seemed to be slipping through my fingers like sand, and a general heaviness was crushing all of my motivation.

One afternoon, I came across Kris Vallotton’s quote about the dogs of doom and the door of destiny. You would think I would have immediately recognized that the resistance I was feeling was because I was coming closer and closer to my door of destiny. But I didn’t. A few days later, I was driving and listening to a podcast from a ministry that was totally separate from Kris. In the podcast, the host quoted the same quote from Kris I had read earlier in the week. This time, it was as if fireworks of revelation began to burst in my spirit. “That’s what’s wrong with me!” I shouted in my car. I knew if God had repeated this, He was definitely trying to tell me something.

My friends, the dogs of doom are barking as loud as they possibly can to try and keep you from taking another step toward the door of your destiny. I truly believe we are stepping out of one prophetic cycle of time and into another. I believe as a church, we are coming into one of the most powerful eras in all of history. I also believe that means many individuals are nearing the door to their destiny, and the enemy would love nothing more than to scare us away. Let it not be said of us that we, the heirs of God—His sons and daughters, missed becoming hinges of history in this critical time because of some noise the enemy was making.

After God had spoken to me about the dogs of doom and the door of destiny, I was praying and asking Holy Spirit for strategy to move forward. He simply said this, “Keep going. It’s just noise.”

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