The Significance of Prayer

The Significance of Prayer by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

The top 3 elected officials in Virginia are in serious trouble with the people. The blackface scandal, timex 2 and the allegations of sex misconduct for the third official would leave the state with the 4th official in line to take the helm if this plays out the way it should. There should be 3 officials leaving office within the next couple of months.

Tucker Carlson spends the first 15 minutes of the opening on February 7 detailing the problems in Virginia. Not only does Mr. Carlson recount the seriousness of what has happened, and the implications, he also peers behind the curtain at the nuts and bolts of this nightmare. As he was detailing the information I turned to my wife and said don’t be surprised if he winds up in a single car accident or throws himself out a window. If you pay attention, and have been following along for the past several years as more and more of these shadow figures are exposed, you will hear Tucker adding logs to the fire. There is nothing overt said, but the entire segment paints a picture, and speaks truth to power, similar to the same picture he painted on January 2, 2019.

The first 20 minutes, through the Mark Steyn segment, are a must watch. The remainder of the show is worth watching with two late segments you should definitely watch.

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There is truly a great segment towards the end, just after Final Exam, where Tucker explains how GM has stolen billions of dollars, fired thousands of employees and is moving a massive segment of their operation offshore despite the fact that you and I, the taxpayers, gave them billions of dollars ten years ago to stay alive. If you blood pressure doesn’t go up, you should rewind and watch again.

The GM segment bleeds into a truly awesome segment about late term abortion and how the country must turn towards God. Eric Metaxas explains exactly, precisely how this works. Just as I have been saying for close to a year, Mr Metaxas’ explains that without a foundation of  God and Christianity to stand on our society will continue running itself into the ground. A solid foundation built on Christian beliefs is what will turn our society around – nothing else will do it. This is an unbelievable segment that discusses God, on national TV, in a way that is simple, clear and very, very rare. It begins at approximately 39:12 and you will not regret listening.

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