3D Printer Models Are Revealing Life’s Mysteries In Ways We Have Never Been Able To See Before!

3D Printer Models Are Revealing Life’s Mysteries In Ways We Have Never Been Able To See Before! from Faith Reel

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Many people wonder what their baby looks like in the womb and who it will resemble after it is born. It is one of life’s great mysteries.For a blind person touch is the only way they can see so these 3D Printer models of their baby are beyond precious and meaningful for them. The mystery of life in the womb is set right before us in these incredible 3D printed models done of babies while still in their mother’s womb. Many refuse to use the word fetus because it almost dehumanizes the baby and discriminates against the baby’s humanity in a way because of its size and where it is located. Think about that! If a person were to squat down in a closet and make themselves as small as possible and be hidden would they still be a human being? Of course they would! According to the Law of biogenesis, human beings can only ever reproduce human beings and no matter what stage of development they are at, or what they look like, once life begins they are undeniably, biologically human babies just at early stages of developing. We are all just clumps of cells at different stages of development and some just happen to be bigger than others that doesn’t make them any less of a human being. We all look different at different stages of our lives. At the moment of conception a new life begins, a unique DNA is created and a new individual human being is created. It is not part of the mother’s body even though it has some of her DNA it still only rests within her. A baby no matter how small, looks the way it should at its natural stage of development. These are beautiful keepsakes and the obvious and beautiful humanity of the baby in the womb is now undeniable thanks to technology.

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