Overt Spiritual Warfare?

Overt Spiritual Warfare? by Rory – The Daily Coin

Tucker begins this segment discussing, while never saying, Operation Mockingbird. Under the banner of Operation Mockingbird the corporate media all use the same talking points in order to saturate the population with the “official narrative” also known as propaganda. The segment then moves to show the blasphemy and hypocrisy of the democrats. It seems the democrats are now setting the stage for an all out, overt, spiritual war.

As if this weren’t enough to make your head explode, Tucker and Chris Hahn, liar, hypocrite and all around water carrying puppet for the DNC, enters the picture with his usual shout them down tactic. Hahn also plays along in setting the stage for a spiritual war.

We are now seeing the first seeds thrown to the wind that bring Christianity front and center. This is, by far, the most conclusive evidence to date supporting what I have been saying for most of 2018 – Christianity is rising at a pace that makes the oligarchs / deep staters nervous. These satanist all understand who their enemy is, just as we, Christians, understand who our enemy is. Jesus Christ, what a powerful name it is.

Fox News, controlled opposition.

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