“Russia Did It” Narrative Is Another Branch of Spiritual Warfare

“Russia Did It” Narrative Is Another Branch of Spiritual Warfare by Rory – The Daily Coin

The deeper we look into the resurgence of nationalism / retraditionalization the more evidence we find to support some of the reasoning behind the western media continually shouting “Russia did it“. Corporate media does this in the face of overwhelming evidence that China has been, and will continue to be, the major threat to the U.S. economy. We are not calling either nation an enemy we are merely pointing out that China’s economic engine, along with the build out of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and all the parallel financial institutions pose more of a threat than Russia. Russia’s economy, while growing stronger every single day, is still years away from challenging the U.S. dominance in the market place. China on the other hand, many would argue, has grown her economy to overtake the status of being the largest economy in the world.

Turning back to the “Russia did it” narrative we find another major foundational point, especially for the “progressive left”, to keep this narrative alive – abortion. Abortion makes women dependent on the state. Abortion is evil, as we have pointed out with the republishing of Mother Teresa’s National Press Club speech, click here to read / listen. Mother Teresa pulls no punches and details the impact, not just on the mother who murders her child, but on society as whole. She tells the world, in ways the Pope has never done, the pain abortion causes everyone in society. The U.S. has a billions dollar murder industry flying the lie and scam flag of “reproductive health”. Their is also strong evidence to support aborted baby parts being sold like they are just another widget.

Now we learn the opposite is happening in Russia. Russia is moving in the direction of pro-life and eliminating the murder industry. The government doesn’t have to mandate anything. The people, who are some of the most spiritually based people in the world, are reaching this conclusion of their own accord. No need to legislate something the people are doing for themselves. The Russian government is merely representing what the people are asking them to represent. This used to the norm in the western world, but no more.

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Is this more evidence to support my theory the satanic, “spirit cooking” devil worshiping “leaders” in the west are attempting to demonize Russia and paint them as our number 1 enemy? Is it the fact the Russian people are becoming one of the strongest Christian nations in the world a threat to the western power base? Jesus is Lord, the satanist attempt to undermine His power at every turn. The weak in Spirit fall for easily dismissed tactics every time and the satanist know it.

When the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, during the Obama regime, Victoria Nuland, was compromised by having a phone conversation on an unsecured phone line Ukraine was making headlines as another “war to end all wars”. During this phone conversation, that was captured and shared with the world, she transformed into Victoria, F’k the EU, Nuland. It was soon after this conversation Ukraine fell and the first round of “Russia did it.” was born. Now we learn that during this time the taxpayers of the U.S. were funding a serious attack on the Russian Church. It appears the spiritual war against Russia was born at this time.

Was $25 million in American tax dollars allocated for a payoff to stir up religious turmoil and violence in Ukraine? Did Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (unsuccessfully) attempt to divert most of it into his own pocket?

Last month the worldwide Orthodox Christian communion was plunged into crisis by the decision of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I in Constantinople to recognize as legitimate schismatic pseudo-bishops anathematized by the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is an autonomous part of the Russian Orthodox Church. In so doing not only has Patriarch Bartholomew besmirched the global witness of Orthodoxy’s two-millennia old Apostolic faith, he has set the stage for religious strife in Ukraine and fratricidal violence – which has already begun.

Starting in July, when few were paying attention, this analyst warned about the impending dispute and how it facilitated the anti-Christian moral agenda of certain marginal “Orthodox” voices like “Orthodoxy in Dialogue,” Fordham University’s “Orthodox Christian Studies Center,” and The Wheel. These “self-professed teachers presume to challenge the moral teachings of the faith” (in the words of Fr. John Parker) and “prowl around, wolves in sheep’s clothing, forming and shaping false ideas about the reality of our life in Christ.” Unsurprisingly such groups have embraced Constantinople’s neopapal self-aggrandizement and support for the Ukrainian schismatics.

No one – and certainly not this analyst – would accuse Patriarch Bartholomew, most Ukrainian politicians, or even the Ukrainian schismatics of sympathizing with advocacy of such anti-Orthodox values. And yet these advocates know they cannot advance their goals if the conciliar and traditional structure of Orthodoxy remains intact. Thus they welcome efforts by Constantinople to centralize power while throwing the Church into discord, especially the Russian Church, which is vilified in some Western circles precisely because it is a global beacon of traditional Christian moral witness.

This aspect points to another reason for Western governments to support Ukrainian autocephaly as a spiritual offensive against Russia and Orthodoxy. The post-Maidan leadership harp on the “European choice” the people of Ukraine supposedly made in 2014, but they soft-pedal the accompanying moral baggage the West demands, symbolized by “gay” marches organized over Christian objections in Orthodox cities like AthensBelgradeBucharestKievOdessaPodgoricaSofia, and Tbilisi. Even under the Trump administration, the US is in lockstep with our European Union friends in pressuring countries liberated from communism to adopt such nihilistic “democratic, European values.” Source – Strategic-Culture

With this piece of information our thesis is beginning to really take shape. What other country is becoming a beacon of hope for Christianity; what other country is reversing abortion laws; what other country is building 3 churches A DAY? Which country, where? What other country has a leader so loved by the citizens that is openly, proudly proclaims his Christian faith?

We find that Dr. Steve Turley has, once again, published more evidence to support my thesis.

We, of course, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the revitalization of the Russian Orthodox Church as both a domestic and international force. And as part of this revitalization, the Russian Orthodox Church has been working very, very hard to see Russia’s abortion industry overturned, eventually completely. They’ve been pushing incrementally for a total ban on abortion, and, in the process, they’ve lobbied successfully the Putin government to begin chipping away at abortion access throughout the nation. Source – Dr. Steve Turley

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