Christ’s Followers Should Be Protesting New York’s Baby Murder “Law”

Christ’s Followers Should Be Protesting New York’s Baby Murder “Law” by Suzanne Hamner – Freedom Outpost

GNN Note- I’ve waited to publish article praying there would be an organization, church or someone stepping up to rally the troops. Maybe this will light the necessary fire.


A society, a nation of people, are totally lost and almost unredeemable when adopting a shifting morality, a lack of virtue and indifference to principles.  The passing of New York’s latest murder of babies in the womb law has stirred Democrats, anti-constitutionalists, and the nation’s immoral population to its feet in thunderous applause for what they call “women’s reproductive health” – a misnomer for certain.  If you haven’t heard, the law allows the murder of babies up through birth.  Against this thunderous applause for murder of the most innocent among us, there has been crickets from the majority of church organizations in this political elite oligarchy, one supposes to keep the government violation of freedom of speech and religion disguised as the 501 (c) (3) tax exemption.  Individual Christ followers are horrified at this law and are speaking out, but gain little, if any, media attention.

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If anyone knows any miniscule of medical facts, a baby can survive outside the womb, with medical intervention, at 20 weeks, meaning this baby is almost fully developed at that stage of pregnancy.  So, the real issue here is the intrinsic value of human life.  Christ followers believe, and science confirms, that life begins at conception – the joining of two individual cells that begins cell mitosis resulting in an individual human being.

So, the question really becomes “does human life have intrinsic value?”  If the answer is no, then murder is permissible at any point in a human’s life.  If the answer is yes, then murder is not permissible at any point in human development or life.  But, Democrats, anti-constitutionalists, and the nation’s immoral population play fast and loose with the intrinsic value of human life – it depends on the circumstance with this population whether human life has value or not.  Unfortunately, this “circumstance-based” view of the value of human life leads society down a slippery slope of “what ifs” because there is no moral standard which these deplorable human beings recognize.

It’s difficult to discuss and debate this issue with the immoral population, anti-constitutionalists and Democrats because they will not agree on the morality that human life has intrinsic value.  So, the question to these evil human beings is, “what gives you the moral superiority to decide the value of human life?”  There is not one thing these individuals can cite or reference that allows them to play God, except that a mother should be able to decide whether to have her child murdered or not.

If, according to the New York law, a woman in labor can have the doctor kill her baby during delivery, what prevents the woman from saying after a few days she wants the baby murdered then?  A baby is a baby regardless of age or whether inside or outside the womb.  At what point does human life gain intrinsic value and who decides?  Christ followers already know the answer to this question and it is not up for discussion or revision;  however, with the immoral population advocating murder of the most innocent, the answer becomes “subjective” depending on who is asked or who is in a position of power.

This fast and loose interpretation of the value of human life means that this immoral, deplorable population could decide that children with developmental disabilities, mental challenges, physical disabilities, and even delays in social development could be determined to have no value whatsoever.  The same could be said of the elderly, adults with mental and physical disabilities, and those with undesirable genetic traits.  Where does it stop when the value of human life is left to those who are in power or the majority?

It doesn’t stop and this political elite oligarchy becomes the 21st century version of Hitler’s Nazi Germany because of the immoral, anti-constitutionalist population.  In addition to murdering 6 million Jews, Hitler’s Nazi Germany murdered the nation’s institutionalized mentally challenged population, those with physical disabilities, infants without “Aryan traits”, the sick, hospitalized elderly, the Gypsies, and other populations determined “undesirable” by the Reich.  To be clear, no one is calling the immoral, anti-constitutionalist population Hitler;  the possible future morphing of their circumstantial view of the value of human life is being projected and compared to the development of Hitler’s Third Reich view of the value of human life.

Moreover, New York’s new baby murder law follows along the lines of baby murder in North Korea and China.

At what point does the circumstantial view of the intrinsic value of human life progress to the point that any murder of any individual is permissible?  Only the immoral, anti-constitutionalists deplorable population supporting the New York State law can answer that question because murder is impermissible, immoral, unlawful, and a violation of God’s law at any point of human life as the followers of Christ and those with moral standards define it.

As this political elite oligarchy plunges further down the rabbit hole of corruption, lawlessness, and immorality, these same immoral, Democrat, anti-constitutionalists decry the murder of school children when criminals engage in school shootings (as does the rest of the population) while calling for gun confiscation legislation and murder of babies in the womb.  If it saves just one child from being killed, this group is all for gun confiscation.  This same sect of the population decry the lack of workers to fill jobs in America while supporting the murder of over 50 million babies in the womb since the abominable Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision and open borders for unfettered, unvetted immigration to replenish the aging American population for workers to fill jobs in America.  While we listen to political charlatans and pundits speak against the separation of illegal alien children from their illegal alien parents at the southern border because it is “inhumane”, we witness the applause for the worst form of inhumanity imaginable – the murder of babies up until and through birth.

Moreover, support is seen for the fallacy of sodomite “marriage”, the mental illness of gender identity dysphoria (transgenderism), and the total fantasy there are more than two genders.  This leads to a decrease in population as well as the murder of babies in the womb because the union of same-sex individuals cannot reproduce, gender identity dysphoric individuals cannot reproduce, and those subscribing to some fantasy of “no gender” cannot or will not reproduce.  Policies instituted by the political elite oligarchs decimated the family unit and continues to do so.  It is the family unit that provides strength to a society.

Unfortunately, the Democrats, anti-constitutionalists and immoral population cannot see the hypocrisy in their stance, meaning these individuals are unredeemable.  However, the silence of the religious organizations and churches over New York’s new baby murder law, along with the acceptance of what God defines as an abomination, minus the few Christ followers who speak out against these atrocities, doom this once great republic into the pile of nations supporting virulent human rights violations.  A nation, once considered the shining light on the hill for freedom and liberty, is indistinguishable from European, Muslim, and communist/socialist nations in the rest of the world.

No one should have to ask a supposed constitutional expert what rights a baby in the womb possesses.  Everyone who is a human being should be able to answer that question without faltering.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and someone else needs to do the thinking for the majority of the population – a sad state to exist for sure.

It isn’t just the religious organizations as a whole that is remaining silent on New York’s baby murder law;  it is the majority of the medical community – doctors and nurses alike.  This is the state of society in the united States today.  It is safe to say that our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents could never have envisioned the total breakdown of society that has occurred nor the resounding silence of those who disagree with this societal downturn.

It is difficult to take a stand when one has to bite the hand that feeds one, but not impossible.  At some point, one has to don the whole armor of God to stand against grave injustice, immorality, and violations of God’s laws.  There is a big difference in being a Christian and a Christ follower.  Not one individual should sit silent during a sermon when a pastor preaches about love for our fellow human beings while the church organization remains silent in the face of New York’s law allowing the murder of babies up through delivery.  Protecting the church’s 501 (c) (3) tax exemption is a pitiful excuse for remaining silent on murder.  Every church in America should send New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature letters highlighting their criminality along with a Bible marked with God’s commandments regarding murder and the treatment of children.

No one who is a Christ follower and/or a constitutionalist should sit silent.

Source – Freedom Outpost –

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