To resist gender-transitioning of kids, be willing to lose friends, activists say

To resist gender-transitioning of kids, be willing to lose friends, activists say By Brandon Showalter – Christian Post

Radical feminists, a former trans-identified male and a lesbian who was kicked off the Baltimore mayor’s LGBTQ commission are urging people to scrap social media conversation and start speaking to people face-to-face about the dangers of transgender ideology.

Assembled before hundreds gathered at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, a panel of exclusively leftist, feminist, and lesbian voices urged those in attendance on Monday to speak out against the threat of gender identity legislation, particularly given the Equality Act, now being considered in Congress.

The proposed bill is an update to the 1964 Civil Rights Act — regarded by many as the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. — and would add “gender identity” as a protected legal category in civil rights law even though, the activists say, no one has ever defined that phrase or knows what it means. Radical feminists maintain the entire concept is a grave threat to hard-won rights they have fought for on the basis of biological sex.

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Among the speakers was Hacsi Horvath, who once identified as transgender and presented as a woman for several years and is an adjunct lecturer in the department of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco.

“Don’t play along with it. I don’t play along,” Horvath said when asked by The Christian Post about how people on the political right and left might respond effectively together to the rapid spread of gender identity ideology in a polarized political climate.

“I don’t say transwoman, I don’t say she, her [when speaking about a male]. I don’t care if it hurts their feelings. This is reality and it gaslights everybody else. And it gaslights yourself, and you begin to internalize it.”

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