The Power of Language and Reason To Keep Original Text Intact

The Power of Language and Reason To Keep Original Text Intact by Randolph Jason – Gospel News Network

Several years ago it became quiet clear one of the reasons for the development of Twitter was for the complete destruction of language. If you people speaking in some sort of nonsensical code that only applies to one environment, well, those people become extremely easy to control outside of that limited environment. Don’t get me wrong I like twitter, I use twitter, but I also understand it’s purpose and do all that I can to work around this very obvious form of tyranny. Limiting a person a 140 characters, which includes spaces and punctuation, well, changes to language will be made and they will be made quickly. Even if it is increased to 240 characters including spaces and punctuation you are still extremely limited in your vocabulary and conveyance of thought.

The below tweet demonstrates, and spells this out, perfectly.

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