Separation of Church and State or Something Bigger?

Separation of Church and State or Something Bigger? by Randolph Jason for Gospel News Network

This tweet from President Trump about bible study being offered in schools has drawn, as you would imagine, a firestorm of comments. Everything from the vile to the loving. To me, none of it matters. What does matter is the teachings of Jesus Christ. Over the past 4-5 decades our school system has become nothing more than an indoctrination center teaching children they are helpless and must depend on the state for their substance. But I digress…

If schools make time and space for other religions to celebrate, study and otherwise acknowledge their non-Christian religion then why wouldn’t there be bible study? If a girl can wear a hijab to school, but a child is not allowed to where a shirt with a cross on it or the word Jesus, then something seems out of balance. Time to reset the scale and it sounds like there has been step in that direction.

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