Muslims in Iraq, Now They’re Turning to Christ: ‘Many Are Having Dreams and Visions of Jesus’

Muslims in Iraq, Now They’re Turning to Christ: ‘Many Are Having Dreams and Visions of Jesus’  by Chuck Holton CBN

GNN Note – If you think a story like this will ever be reported in the western corporate media, think again. Stories of this nature are not only frowned upon they are not allowed to see the light of day.

The church I attend regularly sends missionaries to Israel and we are partnered with a church in Dubai. This type of situation seems to be on the rise as Christ seems to be making His presence known in the Middle East.


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KURDISTAN – No country has suffered more under ISIS than Iraq. The terror group killed hundreds of thousands of religious and ethnic minorities during its four-year rule over parts of the country.

However, their bloody reign had an unexpected impact, turning some Muslims to Jesus.

Iraq will never be the same after ISIS. Sectarian divisions are more deeply felt across the country now than ever before.

But there’s another, more positive effect ISIS has created. The unspeakable cruelty and outright barbarism displayed by the radical sect has caused some Muslims to actually question the roots of their own faith, causing them to seek something better.

Pastor Grady Pickett of Faith Fellowship came to northern Iraq with his family nine years ago.

“Since ISIS, there’s been a lot of talk of ‘what is a Muslim, is this Islam, is this Salafism, what is this?’ And some…a lot of people are like, ‘I don’t want it anymore.’  that’s what they are saying. They don’t know what they are, but they’re not that,” Pickett told CBN News.

Friday in the Arab world is like Sunday in America – it’s their holy day. Three years ago, Grady Pickett and his wife started an English-speaking church here in Erbil. It caters mostly to expats, but they’ve also seen a surprising number of former Muslims attending.

“They all have amazing stories…Muslim background believers…many from Iran, many are having dreams and visions of Jesus, and we’re just seeing that more and more now…but there’s an openness, especially with the young people, with social media they have windows to the whole world, and they’re willing to hear something new,” Pickett says.

Mustafa Habat was once a radical jihadist himself. “I was a radical Muslim, a Salafist Muslim, very radical, and I was fighting,” he says. “Just when you are a Muslim, you are a human. Others, they aren’t even human.”

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