The Simple Way To Start A Fire In The Snow

The Simple Way To Start A Fire In The Snow by: Rich M – Off the Grid News

Wintertime is the hardest time to survive. A combination of the weather and the lack of readily available food have caused many a hearty soul to lose their lives through the years. Proper preparation and care are necessary to survive.

If there ever was a time when you need a fire, it’s when you’re stranded outside in the snow. As darkness falls, the temperatures can plummet, leaving you feeling as if you’re sitting in an icebox. Without a fire, this could lead to a very dangerous situation, one that could cost you the loss of some fingers and toes to frostbite or even the loss of your life.

Starting a fire can be especially difficult in the cold of winter. About the only thing harder is trying to do it in the middle of a rainstorm. There are two basic problems in the snow. The first is that snow melted by the fire turns to water, which can quench your flames and hard work. The second is that it is heat, not a flame, which causes fuel to burn. In the cold of winter, you actually have to raise the temperature of the fuel farther, so that it will ignite. This can make the fire start slower than normal.

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Selecting a Site

The first thing to consider when starting a fire in the snow is the site. The fire must be in a location where it is protected from the snow, as well as from wind and water. Oftentimes, people traveling in the wilderness like to start a fire under a tree. That may not work if the tree has a lot of snow burden. The warm air from the fire could cause that snow to soften and fall off the tree into the fire.

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