Never Ending Worship: Dan Harder (Podcast)

Never Ending Worship: Dan Harder (Podcast) The Daily Coin

We, as Christians, must come together, we must continually reach out to non believers and to those who have never heard of Our Father, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. Once we identify a non believer it is important that we show that person they, too, can be filled with the Holy Spirit and, even if they are slaughtered, figuratively or literally, it doesn’t matter because as Christians we are saved from the grave.

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This is the third leg of our review of the ongoing changes in the Christian world. We reviewed the birth of debauchery in part 1.  to show how our world began to morph and move away from Christ. In part 2 we stood back from todays perspective to see the 40+ year impact of this debauchery and now we are going to see what’s happening on the ground, today, with Christianity surging to the upside while no one seems to know this movement even exist.

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Corporate media and some of the internet only news agencies are all too quick to point out that Christianity is failing to attract new believers. We see it completely different. Having been a citizen journalist for almost a decade and seeing how information is manipulated, rigged and the lies published as truth influence entire nations, one must get out, dig in the dirt and see for themselves what lies beneath the surface.

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