The ReTraditionalization of The World

The ReTraditionalization of The World by Randolph Jason – Gospel News Network

We continue to be amazed at how God is working through the Russian people and, really, people all over the world. As we see how our nation, the U.S., is continually morphing, with the election of President Trump we also see the people the world over voicing their concerns through BREXIT, the recent election of a populist in Italy, to say nothing of the retradionalisation spreading across Europe.

Wether you are a Christian believer or not since you visit this website I’m going to presume you are, at least, somewhat awake and have an understanding of the deeply embedded global criminality that has engulfed our world over the past 50+ years. You see the unConstitutional wars, the opioid situation, homelessness, wealth inequality, divide and conquer with groups like antifa and black lives matter. We are told this is all President Trump’s doing, but I somehow get the feeling the American people know better and have an understanding all of this is a manifestation of the multiple presidencies policies – unwarranted surveillance, blatant disregard for the law, killer cops, rainbow White House, gender laws and the list goes on.

We have been fed a narrative for the past two years, that no longer works, that somehow, someway “Russia did it”, and more specifically President Putin, is the root of all things President Donald Trump. People are beginning to understand, with the exception of the most die hard radicalized maniacs, this is not at all the case. The invaders headed toward our southern boarder is awakening people at a breath-taking pace.

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My current working theory on the whole “Russia did it” narrative along with the neocon / warmongers constantly pointing to Russia as being “the sworn enemy that must be stopped” is as follows:

The first thing we need to establish is what has Russia done, that is verifiable with actual evidence, to warrant being the sworn enemy of the U.S.. From my perspective – someone’s going to have to help me understand because – I can’t see any aggressive action(s) the Russian government has made toward the U.S. or any other nation. Where’s the actual hard evidence? President Putin, on two different occasions, reached out to Obama and offered to help with ISIS in Syria. Both times these offers were with met with rejection. Click here and Click herefor confirmation. Let’s not forget that Presidents Trump and Putin met, on neutral ground, to discuss how to avoid war and other conflicts. This is was, of course, met with screams of treason, impeachment and louder screams of “Russia did it”.

Now, three years later, we find that ISIS is all but defeated, at the hands of the Russians not the U.S. as we are constantly told, but the warmongers still hold on to “Russia did it” and “Putin and Trump are working hand-in-glove” to destroy something – not sure what they are supposedly going to destroy, but the dynamic duo is “up-to-something sinister”. This entire narrative has been ripped to shreds but corporate media continues to brainwash the handful of people that are chained to deep rooted lies.

This brings us back to Russia, Putin and God and the second point I wish to make regarding why the warmongers / neocons continually push the “Russia did it” narrative.

The Russian people, since the mid 1980’s have been flocking to churches all across the country. We have been working on a series of articles demonstrating what is happening and have conducted one interview regarding the new surge in Christianity that is spreading around the world. (We will have more interviews in the coming months on this topic.) This new surge of Christianity began in Russia under the leadership of President Putin.

Now we learn that most Russians are affiliated with, and active members of, a Christian church. This is the exact opposite of what has been happening here in the U.S., but we are beginning to see a change here in the U.S. as well.

We believe this is one of the strongest arguments for the “Russia did it” narrative. The warmongers / neocons, deep staters, all understand two things – 1) you need an enemy to continue a never ending “war on terror” – you don’t need a war, you need an enemy – 2) removing God from people’s lives is a great way to have them swallow whatever you’re selling. Why? Critical thought is all but removed. If a person is no longer using the parts of the brain that fire the neurons in a deep seeded manner, their thoughts are very shallow and thus easier to manipulate. How many times have you heard “never discuss religion or politics“? Wonder why? Shouldn’t these two subjects, that have the greatest influence on our lives be at the center of our conversations? What other subjects, religion and politics, that are outside of our homes have the greatest impact on what happens inside our homes? What other subjects? and, as Tucker Carlson says, “speak slowly so I can understand.”

These two subjects also have the added bonus of firing the brain in ways that other subjects can’t. With the subject of politics you must engage with another person – not screaming, yelling and attacking but actually engaging another person in meaningful conversation about real issues. With religion not only do you engage with other people on a very meaningful level you also have “quiet time” that is spent in prayer / mediation to allow the brain to fire in ways that CAN NOT HAPPEN IN ANY OTHER SETTING. This allows the brain to work at a deeper level and brings clarity to most every other aspect of our lives.

All of this, in my opinion, is one of the deciding factors in making Russia the enemy instead of the real threat – China. I did not call China “an enemy”, but instead stated they are a threat; which they are. China threatens our economy and our way of life. Russia does not.

Dr Steve Turley, who is way ahead of me in his study of the Christian uprising, has released another video documenting Russian Orthodox church. The Holy Spirit is changing lives in Russia and the people are filling churches quicker than buildings can be completed.

They have been averaging about 1,000 new churches opening per year, which averages to about three per day. Russia has gone from just a few hundred churches under Stalin to over 36,000 today. Source

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