The Rise of Nationalism and Extreme Vetting

The Rise of Nationalism and Extreme Vetting by Randolph Jason – Gospel News Network

The surge in Christianity is global. I have been covering this subject since Resurrection Sunday 2018 when I published The Original Fake Newsclick here to read – which has been picked up by hundreds of websites across Russia, eastern Europe, Ukraine and the like. I have published at least one article a week that cover Spiritual matters since. If you go to the TDC Original Works – click here –  you can see for yourself this is a growing topic. There is nothing more important than getting right with God. Most people do, I’m just choosing to do it ahead of time – you know, before my death bed arrives.

Christianity, if you listen to corporate media talking points – wherever they infiltrate – a person would believe Christianity is all but over – far from it. Christianity is rising at a pace that is hard to fathom. The church we attend is growing by percentage points that has the elders delighted. I can see it growing week after week and this is one example in one neighborhood, in one city in the U.S.. This is happening in thousands, if not millions, of neighborhoods across the nation and around the world. Russia is building 3 – yes 3 – churches A DAY and they are still at capacity.

The rise of nationalism stands on a foundation built by Jesus Christ and the Christian resurgence is a direct reflection of His foundation. Christians, around the world, see what has / is happening to Europe with the muslim invasion. This is terrifying to most people. In the U.S. we see the invaders approaching from the south and are behind President Trump sending troops to stop this invasion. They have seen, read and understand what happened in Europe and do not want to see that happen here. The invaders represent this same situation as what happened in Europe. Make it stop, and make it stop before it gets any worse.

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No one cares what politicians think or say about welcoming people into your country when these people have a stated purpose of destroying your country and replacing you with them. This is the main thrust of the Christian resurgence. People are seeing they MUST HAVE the armor of God to protect themselves when they enter this battle. Spiritual warfare is finally making it’s way to the fore. People are beginning to see how evil governments have become. People are beginning to see how evil corporations, through globalism, have become. People everywhere are beginning to stand up and say – no more. This is why the people in Brazil, Austria, Italy, the U.K., Poland, Hungary and more coming everyday have voted for nationalist leadership and in the case of the U.K. the people said we don’t want to belong to the “big club”. We prefer to stand for ourselves.

“The old demons are rising again, ready to complete their task of chaos and of death.” “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.

“In saying, ‘Our interests first, whatever happens to the others’, you erase the most precious thing a nation can have, that which makes it live, that which causes it to be great and that which is most important: its moral values.” Source – The Automatic Earth

French President Macron just sealed his fate, and coming loss to Marine LePen, when he stated that nationalism was horrible and not welcome in France. Well, the citizens of France beg to differ. Just as the citizens did in the U.S. when they voted in President Trump. We come first. The U.S. comes first. The citizens of the nation, any nation, come first and people that are not citizens of a particular nation come second, period.

The most serious vetting, as I reminded one of the members of the church I attend, happens under the watchful eye of Saint Peter. Does not St. Peter stand at the “pearly gates” and vet every single person that enters Heaven? Is this not the ultimate form of EXTREME VETTING? Or did I miss understand what extreme vetting actually means?

So, as we approach the holiday season, when people once again use the phrase Merry Christmas, please keep in mind we have the power not some lunatic in a distant land. The power we have is not ours but is, instead, that of our Father that fills us with the Holy Spirit that provides us with armor and shield as He fights the enemy as we praise Him that loves us more than words can describe. Christianity is rising. Christ is being welcomed back into lives and is transforming enter nations. Christ is being welcomed back into lives of individuals and that’s all He cares about. He simply cares about you; nations will take care of themselves as long as the people, one heart at a time, come to Christ.

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