Deplorables Rising Up Around The World

Deplorables Rising Up Around The World by Randolph Jason – Gospel New Network

I’m going to start towards the end of the show. Once you see this, you will understand why. It is the truly inspiring moment of this show when Tucker Carlson reads a letter from one of the main organizers of the French Yellow Vest movement. It is the most succinct explanation of what is happening, why it’s happening and who is rising up.

After hearing this letter you will understand what is happening in France and you will have a much deeper understanding of what is happening in Britain, with BREXIT. You will understand why Salvini was elected in Italy, why Bolsonaro was elected in Brazil, Putin in Russia and for us in the U.S., why President Trump was elected and why the corporate media, the liberal democrats in Congress and elsewhere are terrified of you and me, the deplorable’s. The geography is of no importance as the underlying problem is global.

Deplorables are rising up everywhere around the world. They are very different in their approach, but make no mistake about it, deplorables are everywhere and changing the rules across the board.

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Around the 14:30 mark Tucker goes a rant about racism and demonstrates what projection looks like, what other corporate media does every hour of every day. This bleeds into an incredible segment with Victor Davis Hanson – one of my favorite guest on this show. Professor Hanson picks up the baton that Mr. Carlson began with and carries it right to the finish line. Absolutely incredible segment.

The Tech Tyranny segment picks up on the Breitbart article that was publshed on 1/16/19, however, this segment goes much deeper than the Breitbart article. Tucker and two different guest, discuss how the CEO, Sun-dial Pinch-a-loaf, committed perjury before Congress but the bought-and-paid-for Congress, and equally as important the lackeys in the back hall, that do nothing because the new vacation home was just paid off. wink-wink.

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