Cue SCOTUS Number 3 – Ginsburg Cancels Public Appearance in LA Set for January 29

Cue SCOTUS Number 3 – Ginsburg Cancels Public Appearance in LA Set for January 29 by Kristinn Taylor – The Gateway Pundit

GNN Note – This explains the latest round of “russia did it” and “impeach 45” being rolled outed from ever corner on the planet. These liberal lunatics know this will be a serious tilt of power once President Trump places another conservative judge on the highest court in the land. The democrat liberal agenda will come to a halt and, we can only pray, that sanity to begin to return to our once proud nation.


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has canceled a planned public appearance in Los Angeles set two weeks from now on January 29 due to her recuperating from lung cancer surgery. Ginsburg was scheduled to appear at the Skirball Center as part of a celebration of her career. An exhibit being shown at the center through March 10 is called “Notorius RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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The Skirball Center released a statement Tuesday evening that said, “Update: An Evening with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is CANCELED. The Justice regrets that she is unable to visit the Skirball on 1/29. She is curtailing travel and focusing on her work while recuperating from recent surgery. Thank you for your understanding.”

Ginsburg’s appearance had just been announced on December 20. That turned out to be the day before she had surgery to remove two cancerous nodules in her left lung. Ginsburg was released from the hospital four days later and has reportedly been working from home. Ginsburg has missed every session of the Supreme Court since hearings resumed last week following the holiday break.

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