Strong in Faith…We Are Not?

Strong in Faith…We Are Not? by Randolph Jason – Gospel News Network

The church I attend has been growing so much that we recently moved to a new much larger location. We consolidated two services into one big service. The transition allows one to see how attendance changes – swelling to overflow for Easter and shrinking just before Thanksgiving. I would argue that Christianity, in the U.S., like everywhere else in the world, is in fact growing and not subsiding as the powers-that-wanna-be would have us believe. The satanic globalist bankers rig all the financial and economic markets along with all the reports so why wouldn’t these agents of the enemy rig something as mundane as religious growth or retraction?

The tweet below is highly suspect, in my opinion, as everything that I have read, heard and even discussed, with a Russian national living in America, the Russian Orthodox Christian community is probably upwards of 80+% of the nation. This would make it almost impossible for the country to come in at 18% stating that religion is “very important”. Russia is so committed to Christianity they are building 3 churches a day! You read that correctly, Russia is building 3 churches a day, everyday.

What else is misreported in this tweet that is continuing to be passed around? Does this mean the numbers are, like all the financial and economic metrics, completely rigged, manipulated to fit the narrative the satanic globalist wish to portray?

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When I see information like this it paints a larger picture than meets the eye. What is revealing as you review the nations listed are the nations with the highest percentages. The ones with the strongest faith are muslim influenced nations that bow to allah. The Christian nations show a weaker following, with a much smaller percentage.

Brazil, with a large Catholic community and Greece with an already large, but still growing, Orthodox Christian community are the only two nations approaching a majority of citizens, all the rest are at or well below 50% of the populace.

Believe what you wish. Jesus Christ is Lord of all and you will never convince me there’s not an agenda associated with this type of tweet. Most people never analysis information something like this simple little tweet hits their feed, they glance at it or read it completely, but rarely question it. They certainly are not going to review it as has been done here. This is the biggest part of the problem – information like this is passed around, then it goes dormant only to reappear a few months down the road and the cycle is repeated and repeated and repeated endlessly until people begin to believe this is somehow a fact. There are no links, no references – no nothing. Just a bunch of numbers. The tweet says “Pew” at the bottom and if Pew Research put this together that would be a big red flag for me.

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