Housefires – The Way (New Horizon)

Housefires – The Way (New Horizon)

Verse 1
I believe through every battle
through every heartbreak
through every circumstance

I believe You are my fortress
You are my portion
You are my hiding place

I believe You are the way, the truth, the life

Verse 2
I believe through every blessing
through every promise
through every breath I take

I believe You are provider
You are protector
You are the one I love

It’s a new horizon and I’m set on You
And you meet me here today with mercies that are new
All my fears and doubts, they can all come too
Because they can’t stay long when I’m here with You

Post Audio Engineer + Mixing: Zac Brooks ::
Mastering: Swaff ::
Film: Mary Claire Stewart ::
Photography: Shannon Cole ::

Housefires’ prayer is that these songs would spark fires that burn bright in ordinary houses all over the world. That you would be awake to God in every part of your life…the polished and the ordinary.

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