Dan Harder: Never Ending Worship (Podcast)

Dan Harder: Never Ending Worship Podcast by Rory – Gospel News Network

We, as Christians, must come together, we must continually reach out to non believers and to those who have never heard of Our Father, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. Once we identify a non believers it is important that we show that person they, too, can be filled with the Holy Spirit and, even if they are slaughtered, figuratively or literally, it doesn’t matter because as Christians we are saved from the grave.

Now to The Good News

This is the third leg of our review of the ongoing changes in the Christian world. We reviewed the birth of debauchery in part 1.  to show how our world began to morph and move away from Christ. In part 2 we stood back from todays perspective to see the 40+ year impact of this debauchery and now we are going to see what’s happening on the ground, today, with Christianity surging to the upside while no one seems to know this movement even exist.

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Corporate media and some of the internet only news agencies are all too quick to point out that Christianity is failing to attract new believers. We see it completely different. Having been a citizen journalist for almost a decade and seeing how information is manipulated, rigged and the lies published as truth influence entire nations, one must get out, dig in the dirt and see for themselves what lies beneath the surface.

There is a miracle happening, right now, and lives are being changed. People are coming to Christ, literally, by the truck load all around the world. The Christian surge has not gathered full steam in America, yet, but it is building. Those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear are experiencing what I am talking about. New churches are filling with newly found believers.

Did you know stadiums around the world are filled on a regular ongoing basis with Christian believers turning out to hear the Good News? Did you know that at these events non believers are being converted at a record pace? Did you know that in 1998, globally, there were a total of 25 Christian prayer groups and today that number is more than 20,000!?

In order to convey this properly allow me to spell this out in very simple terms. What is happening has nothing to do with the dogma of religion. This movement is not necessarily associated with the Catholic church, which has massive problems that we are not going to discuss as we have discussed them endlessly. This Christian movement that is swelling up at this time has to do, specifically, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It has to do with what He said, what He did and the instructions we are to follow. This is what people are responding to, not a ceremony, not some person in a robe passing out his version of what Christ said or what Christ did, but more akin to the actual teachings coming directly from Christ. “Jesus said “X”, and that too will work through you as it did in Christ.” This, specifically, is what is attracting new believers.

To put a face on this movement the church I attend has grown by close to 50+% since my wife and I began attending just under a year ago. The church has grown from about 200 people in attendance to more/less than 300 people each Sunday. This is exactly what is happening all around the world. I understand there are “statistics” that say otherwise, but as a researcher and analyst of government, bank and corporate “statistics” for close to a decade I feel confident the numbers are less than honorable. I can either believe the numbers that are generated by a government board of trustees or I can believe my own lying eyes.

Below are two images of the same church, UpperRoom in Dallas, Tx. The first image shows, from behind the stage, a room filled to the rafters with joyous people. This image is from a video that was published in August 2018 – LINK to Video highly recommend watching / listening.

The second image, below, is taken from a slightly different angel than the image above. The image below was taken from a video that was published in July 2017 – LINK  to Video. What you see is exactly what I describe is happening at the church that my wife and I attend – massive growth, not contraction as the “statistics” would have us believe. This is on the ground, real life change that can be witnessed in established churches and new churches around the world. Christ is calling His children home and the “powers that wanna be” are terrified.

What is sweeping across Europe, that began in Russia, is nothing short of a miracle.

I may be wrong, but I don’t really think I attract a lot of hard left – progressive liberals. My way of thinking, writing and research doesn’t really lend itself to attracting this crowd, I pray that I do attract a more reasonable centrist with either left or right leanings.

Almost 16 years ago my life changed and, thank goodness, it has never been the same. It has been an unbelievable ride. Some the best times of my entire life matched with several of the worst times in my life have occurred during this 16 year span. Having turned in my false crutches for a relationship with Jesus Christ has made the difference.

What seems to be happening within the more visible “nationalist/populist” movement, around the world, is a rebirth of Christianity. We see it all across Europe and all across Russia. Yes, I said Russia. Maybe a lot of you didn’t realize or know that Russia was a combination of Christian and Jewish before Lenin came in and began killing, enslaving and destroying anything and everything to do with religion. You know, socialism working overtime for the benefit of the people. I hope the fans of Alexandria Cortez are listening.

My guess is most every one of you reading this have experienced something or seen a person that provoked a question that you didn’t think would ever be part of your world. Trans-something-or-another, declaration of species or declaring to be a non-species or some type of “new” lifestyle of this type. Not sure when science was discarded but it seems to have been thrown right out the window when it comes to men, women and the biology associated with human beings.

This new, conservative, counter-culture uprising is completely removed from what we are sold as “mainstream”. From my experience, what we are sold as being mainstream is another fairy-tale perpetuated by Western corporate media to ensure the “political correctness” double-speak continues to hold water.

We must live boldly and live with our faith as our guiding force.

I sat down with Dan Harder, International Director, Middle East Ministries, to discuss what is happening from his perspective. Dan has been on mission for close to 40 years and has been involved with “church planting” throughout Columbia, South America, Chicago and Israel. More recently he is associated with groups that are moving into Europe and deep into the Middle East to spread the Christian faith into Egypt as well as other predominately islamic nations.

Before we get into the interview I would like to reinforce what has been said – there is a massive Christian surge that’s taking place, right now, around the world. It began, from what we can tell, in Russia and is currently spreading like wildfire across Europe, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. According to Mr. Harder, Africa is experiencing the largest and strongest growth of Christianity anywhere in the world. The seeds are being sewn, today, across the U.S. and winds of change are lifting people higher and higher every. single. day.

This is completely different from anything I have done in the past, so if you are expecting to hear about economics, finance or the precious metals, we will save that for another day. I hope you give this a chance and I pray that you open your heart and allow His loving Light to flow through you.

As we at The Daily Coin are all about risk assessment we have two simple questions to ask – What have you got to lose? What do you stand to gain if you push the play button?

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